We advocate for human rights at different levels: local, national, and international.
We put young people and women at the center of our activities by adopting the principle of sustainable development at the core of all our activities.

We empower young women and men

by giving them the tools to make their voice heard connecting them with policy makers. We organize conferences with human rights activists, politicians and experts. We promote and organize sensibilization and awareness campaigns, both online and offline. We also organize trainings, webinars, events and publish research publications to create a safer and more sustainable culture of dialogue among people on a transnational level. To be more incisive we network with other organizations that share our values and mission, also writing and presenting projects together to different donors.

Empowering young women and man is necessary to have more equal and sustainable societies.
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Our Projects

Away from home

Away from home

“Away from home” is a project manual focused on the topic of refugees and climate refugees in the Euro-mediterranean region. The manual is co-produced by Sustainable Cooperation for Peace & Security based on a research questionnaire filled in by respondents coming from 22 Euro-med countries and based on a set of three international conferences with…

Ukraine Fundraising

Preventing human trafficking during the Ukrainian Crisis

In the midst of the humanitarian crisis sparked by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, a new threat is emerging: that of human trafficking and gender-based violence against vulnerable refugees, particularly women. While we were on the ground supporting journalists with their coverage of the situation at the Polish border, our volunteers from SCPS entered Ukraine…

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