Ukraine Fundraising

Preventing human trafficking during the Ukranian Crisis

In the midst of the humanitarian crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine, a new threat is emerging: that of human trafficking and gender-based violence against vulnerable people, particularly women.

While we were documenting on the issues of refugees crossing borders with Europe, our volunteers from SC4PS came into contact with this reality thanks to discussions with caregivers, journalists and witnesses that raised the alarm over this injustice that is growing at a worrying and steady pace.

The press coverage and civic awareness around this problem is significantly lacking behind; and what’s worse, victims of trafficking and violence are most of the times attracted by criminals hiding within the network of solidarity, mining both the trust and efficacy of the great work done by thousands of volunteers each day on the border and in the reception centers all over the continent.

For these reasons, we decided it was time to act.

We have launched a fundraising campaign to collect donations in order to step up the efforts to prevent, fight and advocate on this issue. We will work shoulder to shoulder with organizations on the field, officials and journalists to spread information and guidelines for anyone to become aware of the dangers posed by trafficking.

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