SCPS Talk Series – Pari Opportunità, la Prospettiva Italiana

Third event of SCP4S Talk Series, where we discuss pivotal topics around UN Resolutions 2250 and 1325, plus the Agenda 2030.


Professor Elena Bonetti – Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family, Italy

Andrea Catizone, Lawyer and President of the Department of Equal Opportunities of Ali

Marwa Mahmoud, President of the Equal Opportunities Commission City of Reggio Emilia Italy

Davide Zurlo, President Una Proposta Diversa

Moderated and organized by: Marjus Ceveli President of SCPS and Sara Jouhari Vice President of SCPS

The live will be streamed in the mean time on the Facebook page of our association, on the facebook page of Una Proposta Diversa and the official page of Marwa Mahmoud. It will then remain on our Youtube page.

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