A Peace Initiative for Youths and Women

What About Us

Sustainable Cooperation for Peace & Security is a new Italian initiative founded this month that promotes and supports the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions – 2250  for “Youth, Peace and Security” and – 1325 “Women, Peace and Security“ within the 17th Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda to build more inclusive and peaceful societies. 

Empowering young women and man is necessary to have more equal and sustainable societies: this is the core of our initiative.

Our approach on the advocacy for human rights is built at different levels: local, national and international and we made ours the motto of Nelson Mandela: Education is the most powerful weapon.

Our team

We are a multicultural, multilingual team that has had the opportunity to approach the world of cooperation from different perspectives and angles: both in the field and at the institutional level, we have given voice to the demands of underrepresented social groups. From the merging of our passions and skills, we came up with the desire to launch “Sustainable Cooperation for Peace and Security”.

Our activities in concrete 

We empower young women and man by giving them the tools to make their voice heard connecting them with policy makers. We organize conferences with human rights activists, politicians and experts. We promote and organize sensibilization and awareness campaigns, both online and offline. We also organize trainings, webinars, events, conferences and publish podcasts and research publications to create a safer and more sustainable culture of dialogue among people on a transnational level. To be more incisive we network with other organisations that share our values and mission, also writing and presenting projects together to different donors.

In March 26th 2021 6-7 PM CET we hold our first International conference that is focused on women rights and why we still don’t have reach gender equality after 20 years from the adoption of the UNSCR (United Nations Security Council)1325 on Women Peace & Security. 

Our first conference is made in partnership with the well known Italian NGO Un Ponte Per (build bridges not walls). The event is already shared by more than 20 peace building associations. 

Link to the conference. 

The second launching event or the organization is based on the UNSCR 2250 on “Youth Peace & Security” in partnership with different organizations, between them the No Hate Speech Movement Italy. The focus of the conference it will be Peacebuilding, Cyber Peacebuilding and hate speech. 

Link of the event
Marjus Ceveli

President and Co-Founder – Sustainable Cooperation for Peace & Security Human rights activist with extensive advocacy work for the Euro-Med region and the Balkans. Women and young people are the core of the Sustainable Development Goals

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