Away from Home Legal Framework and Analysis of the Refugees’ issue at the city level

19/November/2021 – h.17:00 CET

System and Generation Association and Sustainable Cooperation for Peace & Security are glad to invite you to the first roundtable session of “Away from Home” project, within the Anna Lindh Foundation Intercultural Cities and Learning Programme, providing legal framework information and analysis on the refugees’ issues with special focus on the conditions of the refugee communities hosted in Ankara and Mantova.Special Guest: Mrs. Sinem Göçhan, Currently Protection Team Leader at “Support to Life”. Formerly Senior Protection Assistant at UN Refugee Agency.Who is a refugee? What is the difference between a refugee, a migrant, and an asylum seeker? How many refugees are nowadays worldwide? How many in Ankara and Mantova? How to support them? Which international laws define and safeguard their rights?

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